Autism Solid 10K Gold Puzzle Piece Charm

Autism Solid 10K Gold Puzzle Piece Charm
Item# Autism Gold Solid 10K Puzzle Charm

Product Description

Our 10k Gold Autism Awareness charms are a beautiful way to show your support for someone with autism. These charms are 10k solid yellow gold, making them strong enough to wear on a gold charm bracelet or on a necklace. There's lots of beautiful ways to wear and present this lovely charm, whether you're going to be wearing it as one of many charms or highlighting it all by itself.

The most common way I've seen many moms and grandmas wearing this charm is on a necklace that represents each of their kids. Family members of people with autism like to add one of our 10k gold autism awareness charms to a _my kids_ necklace to honor their kid(s) on the Autism spectrum. If you're going to do this, I'd recommend getting a couple of gold spacer beads to go on either side of this charm so that it has enough room around it to keep the other charms from getting crowded. This is an eye-catching way to wear this charm, it gets a bunch of comments and opens the conversation up for helping to raise awareness about life with Autism.

Another way many people like to wear these autism awareness charms are on a charm bracelet. The 10k gold of this charm is strong enough to be worn on a fancy charm bracelet. Of course, with any gold charm bracelet you should be careful if you're going to wear it every day, but this charm will keep up with you. Try not to cluster your charms on your bracelet too close, or they'll wear on one another as they shake and rub against each other. Instead, try to evenly space them around the bracelet, keeping the spacing as even as possible.

Finally, this beautiful charm makes a wonderful statement piece all by itself. Simply add a gold link chain in any length and you have a beautiful necklace. Each of our 10k Gold Autism Awareness charms comes with a 10k gold jump ring, making it easy to add to a chain you already have as well. It would also make a lovely bracelet - simply pick up a bracelet-length chain, slide on the charm and you're good to go.

If you already have a statement bracelet, such as a diamond tennis bracelet, you can easily add this unique charm to the clasp. Its a great way to keep your favorite cause close to your heart even at a fancy dinner party.

Each of our 10k Gold Autism Awareness Charms measures 16mm tall by 13 mm wide, a perfect size for wearing alone or with other charms without out sizing them. The charm is 1.75g of solid 10k gold and comes with a jump ring. All of these charms are made in the USA.

10k Gold Autism Awareness Charms - Specifics

  • Measurements: Height 16mm, Width 13mm (0.63" X 0.51" inches).
  • Solid 10K Gold Puzzle Piece Charm.
  • Gram weight 1.75.
  • Includes a 10K Gold jump ring.
  • Made in USA.
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