Autism Bright & Beyond Ages 2-3 Deck

Autism Bright & Beyond Ages 2-3 Deck
Item# Autism Bright & Beyond Ages 2-3 Deck

Product Description

Quick and creative idea cards filled with playtime activities for toddlers 24-36 months. Two year-olds never experience an energy crisis! They're always scouting for the next fun thing to poke, pull apart and explore. It can be exhausting to keep up but no more! Here's a whole deck of Bright and Beyond cards filled with fun and stimulating ideas that will focus entertain, and educate the most energetic two year-old! These easy-to-do learning activities will help you harness some of your toddler's energy as you create quality playtime together. The activities are printed on a set of 52 tote-able sturdy, colorful wipe-clean cards. The deck features a host of instant and irresistible activity ideas for helping toddlers observe, discover, explore and imagine the world around. Why not stash a deck in your playroom, your umbrella stroller, or your toy bag? The next time you feel a bit drained a quick glance at the cards can transform your mood from cranky to creative. Suddenly you will be eager to share with your child the fun learning possibilities printed there. One day you might watch your two year-old fish for shapes and colors, take a ride on a magic elevator and then again the two of you might want to try some salt art. You'll be using simple things from around the house to create fun and memories. Don't waste another precious moment. Order yours today!

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