Autism Bright & Beyond Ages 1-2 Deck

Autism Bright & Beyond Ages 1-2 Deck
Item# Autism Bright & Beyond Ages 1-2 Deck

Product Description

BRIGHT AND BEYOND - AGE 1 (12-24 months): BRIGHT AND BEYOND - AGE 1 (12-24 months): It seems your beautiful baby was just born yesterday? But that was a whole year ago! My, how baby has grown! Your baby has different play and learning needs now, so, here's a whole deck of activity ideas designed with you and your one year old in mind. These ?while you're at it? activities will have you and your baby playing, learning, and exploring at home or on the go. The activities are printed on a set of 52 tote-able, sturdy, colorful wipe-clean cards. The whole deck is compact as a juice box. The cards feature scores of interactive games and activities for helping one year olds develop body awareness, observation skills, motor strength and coordination and more! Your little one will delight when, together, you play the ?Masking Tape Shapes? game or create a ?Snowfall Jar,? and dozens more! Why not tuck a deck into your stroller pocket, your backpack or your glove compartment? You can then transform boring wait times? like standing in line or waiting in the doctors office? Into mini-play and learning times! ACTUAL CARD SIZE 3" x 4.5".

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