Autism Awareness Starter Package 01

Autism Awareness Starter Package 01
Item# AutismAwarenessStarterPackage01
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Product Description

Each of our #1 Autism Awareness Starter Packages includes of our 50 Adult sized Autism Awareness bracelets. Bracelets are one of our most popular autism awareness products and this design and size and are always popular at fundraisers because of their universal appeal. In addition, they're a great way to raise awareness and they have a great profit margin for folks who are reselling them. See a closer picture, more information or order more Autism Awareness Bracelets here.

In addition, each of our Starter Package #1 includes an assortment of 25 autism pins. Our autism pins are some of our most diverse and loved autism awareness products, but different ones appeal to different people. For instance, our Autism Angel pins are very popular as gifts for care givers, but Dads love our lapel and tack pins more. Brothers and sisters and Autism professionals love the standard Autism Puzzle Pin, but many prefer the Autism Ribbon Pin too. For this reason, we've found that people have more luck with their fundraiser when they have an assortment of Autism Pins instead of just one style. So, well put together 25 of our most popular pins for your package. If you run out of a popular style, you can always come back and get more!

No fundraiser would be complete without some Autism ribbon magnets. For some reason, people want them and can't seem to find them (! you can buy them individually here!) from what we hear at walks. These are sure to go fast, so we've made sure to include the two most popular sizes - 10 Mini Autism Magnets and 15 large Autism Ribbon Magnets come in each of our #1 Starter Packages. These will get you started. Once people know you can get them, expect to get even more orders!

We've found over the years of working with people that this assortment of autism awareness products is the most popular, especially for people running their first fundraiser. If you have any concerns, however, make sure to give our Fundraising Specialist, Lorraine, a call at 1-866-982-3524 and well help you get just what you need for your next fundraiser.

Autism Awareness Products in Starter Package #1

  • 50 Adult Size Autism Bracelets.
  • 25 Assorted Autism Pins.
  • 10 mini Autism Magnets.
  • 15 large Autism Ribbon Magnets.
If purchased separately, this package would total $178.50, but if you buy it in our value package you'll only pay $135.00! Even if you sell them at our website wholesale prices you'll already be making a profit of over $40 - that's our kick-start boost to your fundraiser!

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