Autism Awareness Sampler Package 02

Autism Awareness Sampler Package 02
Item# AutismAwarenessSamplerPackage02
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Product Description

Get your Autism Awareness Products for your next fundraiser in one great package! Our Autism Awareness Starter Package 01 is our basic starter package and features some of our most popular Autism Awareness products, making it a great way to raise funds at your next event or walk.

The best of our Autism merchandise is featured in our Autism Awareness Sampler Package #2 - magnets, alert stickers, pins, bracelets, lanyards and key chains! This package features our most popular products in the quantities that folks participating in established fundraisers (say, your 2nd or 3rd year doing the same fundraiser or walk) need the most. If you had good success with our Sampler Package #1, this is a great way to step up to the next level.

In addition to people buying this package for a fundraiser, this is a perfect package for dividing up into gifts. Want to give autism merchandise to your whole family this Christmas? Got a Autism walk team you want to thank for their support? This is the perfect and most cost-effective way to get something for everyone. A great idea is to pick up some pretty cellophane craft/gift bags from your local crafts store (I actually have had great luck getting these cheap on eBay and at the local Dollar store, but crafts stores always have them reliably.) Then, you can divide up this package into gift bags to give to folks.

This also works well for creating gift baskets that feature autism merchandise - throw in some homemade jams and cookies and you've got an awesome and unique gift basket fundraiser - perfect for Christmas or MotherÉs Day!

Each of our Starter Package #2 contains three types of Autism magnets. 25 of our Puzzle Magnets which are popular because their size and uniqueness attracts the eye of the driver behind you. Our Autism Ribbon Magnets are also popular, and this package includes 25 each of the large and mini sizes. If you find yourself needing more, our full selection of Autism Magnets and decals are here.

This Starter Package also includes our popular Autism ALERT stickers - perfect for cars and homes with an Autistic child in case of an accident or emergency. We added these ALERT stickers to our autism merchandise line when parents requested them and they continue to be very popular and give parents a sense of security knowing that emergency personnel will be alerted to their child's special needs.

We've also included 25 of each of the most popular Autism Pins in our autism merchandise inventory. There are 25 Autism Ribbon pins, 25 Autism Puzzle Pins, and 25 Autism Tack Pins. This wide selection ensures that you'll have something for most everyone.

Finally, we've included 50 of our Autism silicone bracelets, 15 lanyards and 15 PVC keytags. That's a TON of Autism merchandise, (245 items!) and more than enough to get your fundraiser off to a great start.

Autism Merchandise in the Starter Pack #2

  • 25 Puzzle Magnets.
  • 25 Large Ribbon Magnets.
  • 25 Mini Ribbon Magnets.
  • 15 Autism ALERT stickers.
  • 25 Autism Ribbon Pins.
  • 25 Autism Puzzle Pins.
  • 25 Autism Tack Pins.
  • 50 Autism Silicone Bracelets.
  • 15 Lanyards.
  • 15 Autism PVC Keytags.

If purchased separately, the total is $422.50. Our package price is $375! More savings for your organization, more fundraising for your cause!

To send check or money order, please send to: Americas & Americas, 13414 S.W. 128th St. Miami, FL 33186. To fax in a purchase order, the number is 305-253-0606. Must be on company letter head..